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How Do You Find YOUR CENTER in

This Fast-Moving World?

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Does the speed of things today excite you and stress you at the same time?
Are you looking for ways to stay balanced while exploring and engaging in today's innovation without feeling overwhelmed?
Join me in the launch of the I-FOUNDATIONS online course, a 12-lesson practical step-by-step guide to Self-Care, Balance, Clarity, Authentic Decision & Effective Action for creating a deeply connected and fulfilling life–living YOUR TRUTH!
Rooted in over 20 years of coaching and teaching, this first and foundational part of my online course series will help you create your own foundation ✨ Here can find your center and stay balanced when the world is accelerating, even at AI-powered speed!


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If you are looking for one person who can help you integrate all aspects of your life, look no further. J'HEALEE has helped me transform my personal, creative, and professional lives into a coherent whole.

Working with J'HEALEE has directly contributed to my success not only in business as an owner and principal lighting architect of an architectural lighting design firm. Also, in creative and artistic endeavors and in family life–becoming a gallery-represented professional artist and being a happy father of twin boys!

Greg Day

Business Owner, GREG DAY Lighting & Artist